Tia Gostelow’s arresting vocals ebb and flow from gossamer-draped lilts to velvet timbres, which resonate with nostalgic longing.

She matches her unique voice with rich instrumentals to create her distinctive style - contemporary folk intertwined with blues, and indie rock. A style which earned recognition from Triple J Unearthed, winning their Indigenous Initiative and, separately, a place in their Triple J Unearthed High Top 5 Finals, both in 2016.

One of Australia’s most promising emerging talents, Tia values the art of songwriting and creating music with integrity.

In Tia’s new single, Vague Utopia, she sings about experiencing the cusp of adulthood, her voice unfurling through a hazy, wanderlust vibe. 

“It’s that feeling of ‘almost’ – school’s almost over, we’re almost adults and almost in a world other than school.”

Vague Utopia follows Tia’s debut solo single, State of Art, a hypnotic, syrup-dipped track exploring “the realisation that the person who you were so in love with isn’t really as great as you thought they were”.

“I make sense of life through song. I really live and breathe music - it has to be sincere, from the heart.”

Tia is working on her debut solo EP. “I tend to develop songs, even happy ones, with minor chords so they can still sound melancholy even if I’m not writing about heartbreak. But most of my work is usually very chilled, so it's perfect for a Sunday afternoon or a road trip, where you can feel comfortable and relaxed and just take the time to listen to the lyrics.”